We support ZEMI in Interlaken


Social commitment is strongly anchored in the values of the entire GRIWA GROUP. It is very important to us, to support social projects in Switzerland and abroad. This year GRIWA RENT, together with the companies GRIWA ARCHITEKTUR and GRIWA TREUHAND, donated the Zentrum Mittengraben, or Zemi for short, in Interlaken.    

THE ZEMI The Zemi celebrates its 60th anniversary next year and is a well-known institution in Interlaken and the surrounding area. In the meantime, the Zemi employs about 80 people. The roommates are people with a mental and/or multiple disabilities who work at Zemi. Zemi attaches great importance to the appropriate and competent care and support of its residents. To this end, Zemi provides training, work, and employment facilities as well as housing with suitable care services. In the workshop, around 50 disabled people find a workplace where they can develop and apply their special skills and interests. Zemi offers everything from packaging and metalworking to carpentry. The living concept is aimed at maintaining and promoting independence and self-determination for disabled adults. All of the eight decentralized residential groups offer the Zemi the environment to adapt it to the respective needs of the residents. Zemi also has a curative school for children with disabilities. The educational offer is geared to the optimal promotion of the handicapped children. Zemi attaches great importance to promoting the individual strengths and personalities of the children and integrating them into society as far as possible.    

OUR CONTRIBUTION Finally, see the sea! Many of the inhabitants of Zemi have never experienced this before. In most cases, the budget is sufficient for occasional excursions within Switzerland, so many of the inhabitants have never been able to breathe the sea air. Thanks to the donation of the GRIWA companies, this dream can now be fulfilled for many residents. For the next year, individual holidays are planned with all resident groups. We are proud to be able to make this contribution and wish all Zemi residents a great holid